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How to make great pour over coffee.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Pour over coffee brew set with coffee inside.
V60 Pourover brewing kit.

I've been brewing coffee for well over 15 years now. Using most well known brewing methods such as press and release, steep, espresso, filter, and of course, pour over.

Each mothod has its advantages and disadvantages, just like everything in life. However, the thing that always gets me excited to brew my coffee with the pour over method is the amount of control and hands on you can get with it.

The beans you use, the grind setting, the water, the water temperaure, the water softness/hardness, the weight of the grind, the amount of water........oh my the water!!! It can be overwhelming to people who just want to make a simple great tasting coffee for themselves of for loved ones.

That's why I made this guide for you. I wanted to make it easy, fast, and enjoyable for you to make your own pour over coffee.

So let's get to it!

Getting started

To make great pour over coffee, you will need the following equipment:

19g Filtered water

Cone dripper (ceramic, glass, plastic)

Kettle (gooseneck if available)

A mug or something to drip the coffee into

Hey! Check out this v60 Pourover brewing kit in our shop to help you get started with your gear!

Grinder *1

Scale *2

Timer *3

*Recommended but not necessary. 1 - You can grind your own coffee at home with a hand grinder or electric grinder OR ask your local coffee shop to grind your fresh beans for you! 2 - Scales are a great way to make sure your measurements are always consistant so it's easier to compare your brews. 3 - Just like the scale, the timer will keep you in check so you don't over or under extract your coffee.

Brewing perameters:

19g medium-fine ground coffee

320g boiled filtered water (200F is good)

Ratio 1:17 (meaning for every 1 gram of coffee, use 17 grams of water)

Brew Time: 3.5minutes

Lets get brewing!

1. Fold back the seam of your filter and place into the cone. 

2. Pre-heat filter with boiled water to warm your cone and allow your filter to sit more snug. Make sure your vessel/mug is underneath!!! 

3. Remove water from vessel and place the cone back on top

4. Place cone/filter and vessel on scale. Add ground coffee then add 30g of water to wet the coffee bed and start timer. Wait 45sec. 

5. Add 150g water with high agitation. Make sure all grinds are submerged. 

6. Allow slurry to fully draw down.  Watch and enjoy the "bloom"

7. Add remaining 140g water with minor agitation. Pouring in the centre near the end. 

8. Allow for full draw down. 

9. Remove cone from vessel and discard filter. 

10. Enjoy! 

Pro Tip: Using a gooseneck or long spouted kettle to pour the water over your cone gives you more control over the water flow, and thus the precision to pour consistantly when brewing.

Thank you for checking out this guide. Happy brewing!


Have any questions about brewing your coffee? Leave a comment below or come in to the shop and chat with any of our baristas :)

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